10 Ways on How to get Football Fit | A Special Guide for the Beginners!

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Football demands the player to be strong and extremely fit. If you are planning to join a football team, then you need to make sure if you are ready and in your best physical form. You need to keep up with the practice so that you remain all set for the game at any moment. Practices won’t ever do any kind of harm to you, therefore practice as much as you can.

But unfortunately, you are tired Googling and didn’t find any quality answer for your search. Recently, I got in contact with one of my soccer coaches at college, and noted down some tips on how to prepare yourself. First of all, you need to eat right. Make a habit of including all healthy food in your diet, that would be the first change you need to make.

How to get Football Fit

10 Ways on How to get Football Fit

Now that you have started eating all healthy stuff, and one of the most important things is done. Following is the step-by-step guide that can get you all set for the Football and other tournament matches.

1) Get all the necessary equipment for the practice and Game

You will items like a good pair of shoes, loose t-shirts, a towel, water bottle, shin guards, and one stop-watch. Keep your body hydrated throughout the exercises and the practice sessions. The stopwatch will let you know the time check, making things easy for you.

Do more practice for your game

2) Warm-Up Exercises – we get started here!

At best you can perform some warm-up exercises for about 10-15 minutes. Start with running at a fixed point, which is followed by sit-ups and light jogging. Include the air-squat, sit-ups and some stretches in this warm-up session. This will activate and warm up all your muscles, and get your body ready for further exercises.

3) Stretching is important. Don’t skip this on any day.

After the warming up next comes the turn for the stretching. Begin with the ankle, legs, and hips – then later start to begin with the back, wrists, neck, and shoulders.

4) Weight Training – is it necessary?

Yes! You need to strengthen up your hamstrings, calves, and the quadriceps of the body. You can also add crunches and other exercises for improving the upper body. For this, you won’t have anything better than the weights and machine weights.

5) You need to have a healthy heart, for being Football ready.

There are a lot of running and sprinting during a football game. So, you need to have a healthy heart for this, so you can try your hand at some Cardio exercise for this reason. If you don’t have a partner with you, you can perform powerful sprints from a starting point to a distant thing. This will not only keep you fit but also help you with shedding some weight.

Sprint as much as you can

6) Try your hands on the football, and learn the basic handling skills.

After you are done with all the warming up, weight lifting and stretching, you can try your hands on the real football now. Handling can get a bit confusing at the start, but start slow and understand each technique.

7) Sprint as much as you can, build up the Speed. Also, include High-Knee training with this.

The more you sprint, the more you can increase with the speed. Set a starting point, and then set an aim and run as fast as you can. These sprints will be tiring, and so make sure that you add this step just after the warmup session.

8) Hydration is important.

Always keep a bottle of water along with you. As soon as it finishes, refill it. Some people say that it’s not good to consume water in between the exercises, but this is false. In fact, you should drink water whenever you feel the need. There is nothing worse than keeping your body dehydrated.

9) What about the Sleeping hours?

Sleeping hours affect

A football player must have an average of 7.5 to 8 hours of complete sleep just before a match. Set an alarm beside your bed, if you often oversleep.

10) You should try out the Penalty Kicks at the end.

Begin with shot goals, and setting small targets for the penalty kicks. By doing so regularly, you can improve on the kicks and also work on the accuracy of your game.

There you go, these were my top 10 points that you need work upon for making the body Football fit. Try them out, and let me know the results 🙂

Also, share your experiences and other gaming tips that you would like to add on this article.

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