ESPN ranks Falcon’s Backfield in the Best of NFL listing!

Atlanta Falcons has been ranked at the 4th position by the ESPN ratings, and this time the pressure is going to be high. As per the Early Bird Reports, the Falcon’s were placed under the 32 NFL backfields, along with lots of praises for the quarterback player Tyrod Taylor! Read the news in detail.

ESPN ranks Falcon’s Backfield in the Best of NFL listing!

Falcon is all known for their versatile backfield team, with Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman being the 2 best punches for the game. Both the players are capable of beating the runners as well as the receivers.

Falcon's Backfield in the Best of NFL listing

In the latest news update, ESPN ranked the best 32 backfields and Falcon was also included in the list. Even though, they deserved to be in a higher position on the list. Falcons gained the 4th place, and they were behind the Saints, Steelers, and LA Rams.

Mike Clay from the ESPN said that if the listing was based on the backfield duos, then Atlanta would have ranked in the Top 2 positions. Since the teaming of Coleman and Freeman in 2015, they have worked together to make the partnerships of 1049 carries for 4540 yards, followed by 43 touchdowns and 223 catches. Together they have a great 4.3 YPC rating and 9.4 YPR.

Both the players have a total of 415 touches, and 16 touchdowns from the last season.

Talking about Tyrod Taylor, he is one of the underrated players of the NFL, but recently he is in the news with all praises for his performance. During the trade session with the Buffalo Bills and Browns, Tyrod was acquired by the Browns! They also got the Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield who was on the No.1 pick among all the NFL drafts.

Also to mention, the three teams ranking ahead of Falcons too have the best backfields. So do you find the ESPN’s decision of ranking the Falcons as the Best of NFL valid? What are your thoughts on this?

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For some High School stars, Best Path to NFL

Sports has been one of the coolest things at schools. While there are many young dreamers out there, who wish to get into the NFL teams once in their lifetime. It’s not easy, you need to put in a lot of your time, energy, and focus to reach that level. There are many ways for getting into the NFL, and one of the most common ways is through the High School games.

A path to NFL for students

Well, this is by far the Best Way to get into NFL. The main reason is that you get a lot of time to decide and you could also know what you actually need in your life. There are many NFL and other pro players who got into the Real game through the High School stardom.

For some High School stars, Best Path to NFL

Starting your gaming career from your High School grade is not at all weird. Many of us won’t know our life passion till we reach 20! That’s normal, and you don’t have to freak out if you discover it early. Once you discover that NFL is your destination, then you need to work out the best and make yourself a strong player in the field.

School football team

It is good to take experience and training in your high-school days. This will give you a better understanding and also give a close exposure to how the games are played in real.

High School is the place where the NFL journey literally starts, and getting a place in the high school football team will be your first step to success. But things don’t end here, this is the place where it all gets started for you.

I have got an interesting story of DeMarcco Hellams, who also got into the NFL culture through his high school way. He started out playing as a pass catcher in the DeMatha Catholic High School. Soon he started getting different offers from others, but for playing the defensive backs.

Later after playing in for many matches, Hellams rolled over and played the game video. Seeing his game, many of his friends and colleagues suggested him to work on the defensive back since the safety aspect is present with him.

High School TrainingOn finishing the high school training, don’t forget to collect your certificate and the high school diploma which will guide you on how to become an nfl player. Join as many sports camps possible, and get the best kind of exposure at every level. As soon as you high school finishes, you need to get started with the research of the top colleges that gives quality training and exposure.

So, what’s the point of getting into the high school team? One of the main benefits is, of course, the training. You will remain organized and punctual with the activities, with a sense of time and its value. Another way of getting noticed is by playing it differently, there is no compulsion of following a trend. Creating and setting your own trends, can also stand as a good chance for a successful NFL career.

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